You know the days fellow mama, when you feel exhausted, overwhelmed & running on empty.

For those days I have a support team – they are called MEDITATION, SLOWING DOWN & NATURE.

Meditation comes (in the form of my Headspace App) and offers me a pause, getting me out of my head and into my body. Before you tell me you can’t possibly do this, they have a 3-minute meditation called “Feeling Overwhelmed”, it’s like a reset button. When I listen to it I can start to feel self-empathy, I am reminded to be kind and gentle to myself. If you take one action today PLEASE download the app, its free for 10 days, used daily, it will transform your world! Not to mention that you are modelling great emotional intelligence for your kids.

You can meditate with your children if you need to (We use the Relax Kids CD for this). I remember feeling triggered and saying to my son with some gusto “Right!!! That’s it!!! I’m going to be a sleeping bunny!!” and marching into the living room. “Sleeping Bunnies” is one of the tracks on the Relax Kids CD. What transpired was beautiful, we were both curled up opposite each other on the floor, gazing into each other’s eyes and smiling at each other.

I will share more about how to meditate whilst your children are around soon.

The feeling of overwhelm can occur because you are taking on too much. Just for one day can you cancel plans? Appointments and playdates can be rescheduled and your to-do list can wait. Have a “Snail Day” (I will share more about those in another post) where you go slow, in your shell. For me, this looks like PJ’s and reading with my son on the sofa by the log fire with lots of Hygge!

Get outside and let Mother Earth hold you. Take a slow walk by the sea or in the woods, breathe, bathe your senses in her glorious sounds and scents. In the stillness, nature will help you to listen to the wisdom of your whispering heart. Often the whisper is calling for more self-love and self-care which ironically reduces the frequency of tough days in the long run.

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