You Don’t Need The Right Words

Positive Communication

I remember in the middle of what seemed like an endless struggle with teeth cleaning, it was the end of the day, I was tired, I had run out of energy and words. Then something wonderful happened.... I just stopped, I surrendered to the situation, I opened my heart and let it explode the way it does when I really "see" my son through that unfiltered lens.  In my softening, I could feel the tension in my body melt away and I knew the battle was over (just going to show the battle was all in my head to start with!). I decided that teeth time would be connection time, no matter how long it took. Strange thing was, it took less time after that day and became something far more special. #MotherNatureMotherNurture#PositiveCommunication #PositiveParenting#Parenting #Motherhood #ConnectedParenting#NVC #Cleaningchildrensteeth


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