Video For You On Supporting Yourself At This Time

Emotional Self-Care, featured


Tribal Hearts Festival, like many, have had to cancel their lovely event but have created an online hub and have asked me to join them in creating some supportive videos for our current environment.

I created a 20-minute video that includes emotional support, working from home and encouraging resilience at this time.



  1. genie

    Thanks for sharing Karen, some great tips!
    I love your little new friend too! Hope your both well in these awakening times.
    Totally here your tip on minimise! thats me, the only way I can fit life in is to simplify and prioritise! lovely website btw x

    • Karen

      Hi Genie, Thank you for your comment, I have only just seen it (still figuring out the tech)! Your encouragement and support is, as always, much appreciated. Karen


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