Snail Days

Mental Self-Care

Snail days are all about slowing down and making time for the important things, like connecting & resting. They are a time to pause the to-do list and breathe.

We have a weekly diary that goes on the fridge, with pictures on it (I’m no Picasso – imagine a tree for Forest School, a stick man for a play-date etc). Every week, I draw a snail for at least one of the days, which we call Snail Days: we are in our shell and we are slow. My son even asks for these days sometimes and I love them too – these days allow for lots of connection time, with both myself and with my child.

I speak at many festivals over the summer.  Preparing for a festival is a big job, involving lists, shopping and packing – and during the festival, the days are excitingly full and sometimes long. I always schedule a slow day afterwards and it makes a big difference. I am glad of the time to land and nurture myself. This quiet time also gives my child space to process and express any emotions or experiences from the festival.

In the winter Snail days may look like staying in PJ’s, snuggling up on the sofa with a pile of books, lighting a fire, and long bubble baths (lots of hygge!). In the summer we may saunter over to the beach after brunch, we don't have to be inside, the only rule is going slowly and having a pause button on my to-do list and that feels great!

Here is a suggested action that you can do right now. Look at your diary and put in a Snail Day. Treat this with the same level of priority you would a doctor’s appointment. I know this can be a challenge but even a few hours will support you both in being more grounded, present and connected.

Please, as always, let me know how you get on.

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