Parenting is the real spiritual practice. It is one thing to sit on your cushion and meditate peacefully at the top of a mountain for days on end, an honour I have experienced and perhaps you have too.  However, to get up in the morning, day after day, year after year and practice empathy and compassion for yourself, as well as your children – that, to me, is the real spiritual practice!

I like to keep my teachings very real.  In this segment, I will debunk the myth of self-care being yet another trendy parenting fad and look instead at what it actually takes to parent yourself.  I will introduce how you can create sustainable practices that support you on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

You have your own internal barometers for self-care: are you responding or reacting? Are you relying on caffeine? Are you using distractions like social media rather than facing your issues? How do you feel when you wake up?

Remember, also, that what you model, by default, you create in your child.  If you are not deeply connected and present with yourself, how can you be deeply connected and present with your child?  How can you promote self-worth in your child if you are not modelling your own self-worth? Seeing the beauty in yourself helps you see the beauty in your child, which supports them to recognise their own beauty.

This segment also has an element of emotional intelligence for parents.  During the emotional self-care segment, we look at the role of mindfulness and getting into our bodies, these practices support our ability to self-regulate when we are triggered or angry.  We also look at ways to process challenges and understand how to find the source of our triggers.  Parenting is an emotional journey – and we will look at where you can get regular emotional understanding and support