The Gift of Eye Contact

Building Connection

Eye contact - this simple act of non-verbal communication brings with it so many benefits.

As you are pausing you have time to remember the intentions of good dialogue. (To connect, to actively listen, to model social-emotional skills).

If you are at eye level it also means that you are not towering over, instead, you are creating an air of equality and mutual co-operation.

Your child has your full attention and focus, in an age of busyness and social media distractions this is a less common gift. In return, you are also more likely to have their full attention too.

Looking at your child's facial expressions and into their eyes, you will automatically generate more empathy and compassion.

Anything you say after eye contact will be better heard and received as you have started by connecting.

You can model it by making it a practice to have eye-contact each time you make a request or answer a question, you can even put post-it notes on the wall at home as a reminder. As always, don't teach your child to have eye contact, simply model it and your child will naturally develop this skill.

Please, as always, let me know how you get on.

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