Transforming relationship habits that have been built over decades takes time and support.

Real, lasting, meaningful change requires immersion and commitment

and that is ultimately what this course offers.


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We have to start with self-care, not the hot baths and chocolate kind but the deeper physical, mental and emotionally sustainable practises that will support you in the long term.

You will not be able to raise your level of empathy if you are running on empty, or model more self-regulation if your tired, anxious or stressed, or be more emotionally generous if you are not emotionally supported. We are not aiming for perfection here but more self-awareness and presence. You will not suddenly avoid your “triggers” but you will learn to identify them, respond to them and recover from them with more self-compassion and insight.

This is a holistic approach, we incorporate aspects of lifestyle such as minimalism, simplicity, slowing down, mindfulness.

You will be strongly held by our small intimate group, including personal support from myself. You will be encouraged to dig deep, this is an opportunity to heal those uncomfortable, often buried, feelings that need kindness and understanding, an opportunity for growth and transformation.


We will look at all aspects of communication, including connecting practices, empowering approaches and how to model dealing with difficult emotions, building up your child’s social and emotional skill set.

You will learn how to move from behavioural strategies that control behaviour through manipulations such as threats, punishments and rewards, to more connecting authentic ways of communicating that soothe, empathise and support. My approach is inspired by NVC (Non-violent communication) and grounded in neurological findings.

As you parent with more presence and wholeness and your authentic connection with your child will automatically blossom, add to this the positive communication and connecting practises and your journey will become one of more joy and natural co-operation.


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“I am feeling a lot more connected to my daughter. I am enjoying her more and feel we are much closer. I feel she is happier and we as a family are happier too. I’m finding I’m less reactive and more able to be reflective and calm, with space before I respond. The course is absolutely packed with information and I feel much more hopeful and confident about my parenting journey, for this, I am very grateful to Karen. I was so deeply touched by Karen’s heartfelt empathy and presence throughout what is an amazing course.”

N.B, Daughter, Age 5.

“Taking on the Mother Nature Mother Nurture course has been supremely inspiring, educational, heart opening and motivational. It has allowed me the space to reflect, make time for myself & find avenues to safely offload my feelings, and enjoy my time with my children with fresh eyes and a sparkling gaze. I am in love with parenting once again, and thank you Karen for your wisdom and for creating this opportunity.”

Lucy O, Son, Age 5, Daughter Age 2.

“The workshop I did with Karen made me re-evaluate the way I interacted with my son (he was 17 months when I did the workshop, he’s 22 months now). I now talk to my son and treat him as I would a very dear and close friend. I am respectful of his space and his needs as an intelligent and emotion-full human being. As a result, I feel that our relationship is deeper and more connected. I am more likely to follow his lead in play. He is teaching me how to be a child again, which is a lot of fun!”

Steve C, Son, Age 22 Months.

“The workshop on Respectful Parenting with Karen ‘formally’ introduced me to ideas that intuitively made sense to me. Her ideas and those contained in the resources she suggested have changed the way that I interact with my son and gave me clear ideas on how to relate to him in a more respectful way – which I feel has deepened our connection. The workshop also made me think about and alter ‘habitual’ ways I might relate/respond to him, especially when I might be stressed or tired. Karen offered clear suggestions which have helped me to approach situations differently and communicate with him in a different way – one which I feel is more harmonious and calm for both of us.”

Hannah, Son, Age 23 Months.

“I went along to Karen’s workshop on Respectful Parenting. It was in part painful…because it was connected … it was real. I’m a separated Dad and when real feelings are evoked that’s difficult and challenging … it was beautifully held too and I felt acknowledged and heard and safe to share my hopes and my fears and empowered by listening to other Mums & Dads.

Lee S, Son, Age 4.5



I want to be upfront about the commitment you will need to make this worth your while. I know, as a parent, that time is probably your most limited resource. I give you my word that I will use it wisely – there will be insightful content and little small talk.