– You’re a dedicated loving mama but exhausted & running on empty.

 – You’re relentlessly juggling the needs of your child, home & work.

 – You know you need self-care but it gets lost in the other commitments.

 – You find yourself saying “no” constantly.

 – You find yourself getting triggered and reacting.

For me, when my child was two, I knew that some of the joy and magic had gone.
In the financial challenges, the ongoing chores and the lack of sleep, I found myself feeling some distance from my child.  Despite being a fanatical researcher in this field and a dedicated attachment parent, I could not find my way back. 

After a lot of trial and error, I discovered some key foundations that restored both my connection to myself and my connection to my child.

Now, I effortlessly balance a connected relationship with my home-educated son, managing a business from home & looking after myself well,
all with a sense of spaciousness.

I support parents in bringing more joy and connection to their relationships with themselves and their relationships with their children.



The Key Foundations Of Self-care

How To Actually Slow Down

Positive, Respectful Communication

The Neurology Of Staying Calm

How To Reclaim The Joy

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Maybe it is cleaning teeth, changing a nappy or putting on shoes?
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“The workshop on Respectful Parenting with Karen ‘formally’’ introduced me to ideas that intuitively made sense to me. Her ideas and those contained in the resources she suggested have changed the way that I interact with my son and gave me clear ideas on how to relate to him in a more respectful way – which I feel has deepened our connection. The workshop also made me think about and alter ‘habitual’ ways I might relate/respond to him, especially when I might be stressed or tired. Karen offered clear suggestions which have helped me to approach situations differently and communicate with him in a different way – one which I feel is more harmonious and calm for both of us.”

Hannah, Son, Age 23 Months.

“The advice Karen provided me with was simple, yet very effective. I could apply the practical tips to almost every situation and this greatly helped me to reconnect with my daughter and ensure we both got the right outcome.” 

Jane C, Daughter, Age 2.

“It was great to have my consultation with Karen. She was very helpful in giving practical tips as well as support. She guided me on a couple of specific issues I have with my daughter (getting dressed and tantrums) and helped me come to some gentle practical solutions that will work for us. I am already aware and on a journey to be a more peaceful, connected and respectful parent but if you are very new to this way of thinking then you will gain some invaluable advice and a whole new perspective. Have a notebook to hand! Look forward to achieving practical, helpful advice and gaining a much closer connection and bond with your child/children.”

Katherine M, Daughter, Age 3.

“The workshop I did with Karen made me re-evaluate the way I interacted with my son (he was 17 months when I did the workshop, he’s 22 months now). I now talk to my son and treat him as I would a very dear and close friend. I am respectful of his space and his needs as an intelligent and emotion-full human being. As a result, I feel that our relationship is deeper and more connected. I am more likely to follow his lead in play. He is teaching me how to be a child again, which is a lot of fun!”

Steve C, Son, Age 22 Months.