Finding Your Tribe

Emotional Self-Care

 I found my tribe by listening to the calling of my heart. When my baby was born and I felt isolated I was called to the woods and found them there sitting around the smoky campfires of forest school, singing songs of mother nature and supporting each other over ancient woodland crafts. I found my tribe by following my truth, for me that meant child-led learning. I was called to home-education camps where I found wonderfully wild, muddy children playing in the streams and swinging by the ropes of giant tree swings.

I found my tribe by following my passion for connecting with mother nature. I was called to foraging walks where I found them picking the elderflowers and nettles in the hedgerows. I was called to community seed saving events and I found them there sharing plants and wisdom.

I found my tribe in my longing to connect to the source of the food and water that nourishes us. I was called to get an allotment and found them there eating strawberries and investigating bug hotels. I was called to the community biodynamic farm and I found them there whilst harvesting my spring water and picking sweet peas. I found my tribe by following my joy of singing in community. I was called to the fields hosting gentle family festivals and found them in the middle of the yurt, hand in hand - sobbing, releasing and celebrating to chants of family and togetherness. I found my tribe online whilst searching for parenting answers that felt not only authentic and respectful but also resonated with my heart. I was called to groups that focused on attachment and connection and in reaching out for the support we all gained insight from each other's courageous questions. So I say follow your heart, your joy, your truth and your passion and it will lead you to your tribe. #MotherNatureMotherNurture #MotherhoodThroughInstagram #Parenting #Motherhood #PositiveCommunication #PositiveParenting#NaturalParenting #NVCChildren #ConnectedParenting #GentleParenting #MindfulParenting #Childhood #FindingTribe


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