Consult With Me


Please contact me (click here) to book a free one-to-one call, I would genuinely like to connect with you and listen to you about areas you may be struggling with in your parenting, listen to what you feel you need and to discuss how I may be able to support you.

All consultations are strictly confidential. Sessions are conducted online (allowing for face to face) in the evening and include follow up emails. Being a parent I understand that your baby may need feeding during the session or that potentially your child may not sleep in time for the call, don’t worry, we can work around this.

Consultations can cover a range of topics such as particular challenges you are facing with your child or it may be you need support with your own journey as a parent, often it is a combination of both.


“I enjoyed Karen’s calm and sensitive way of talking – definitely helped me to slow down and tune into my own children more.”Una A, Daughter, Age 4.

“It was great to have my consultation with Karen. She was very helpful in giving practical tips as well as support. She guided me on a couple of specific issues I have with my daughter (getting dressed and tantrums) and helped me come to some gentle practical solutions that will work for us. I am already aware and on a journey to be a more peaceful, connected and respectful parent but if you are very new to this way of thinking then you will gain some invaluable advice and a whole new perspective. Have a notebook to hand! Look forward to achieving practical, helpful advice and gaining a much closer connection and bond with your child/children.”Katherine M, Daughter, Age 3.

“I had a consultation with Karen when I was going through a really tough patch with my 4-year-old. I was struggling with his big needs, his bigger feelings and, mostly, his expression of those feelings. I had lost connection and was losing faith in gentle parenting as a whole. Karen helped me hugely through listening, caring, sharing and offering her knowledge. The experience felt organic and whole so that we came to conclusions and made plans together, so empowering me at a time I felt weak. She is a wonderful aide to a parent in need, a tonic. I am so happy that her passion and kindness can provide nourishment for many a growing mother and father in the future. And me and the boy? Back on track. Love him more than ever.”  Victoria C, Sons, Ages 1 & 4.

“The advice Karen provided me with was simple, yet very effective. I could apply the practical tips to almost every situation and this greatly helped me to reconnect with my daughter and ensure we both got the right outcome”.Jane C, Daughter, Age 2.